The SVee Show: HERstory in the making

This podcast brings together women from all walks of life to share how they’ve navigated challenges and made value-driven choices that define their lives. Their stories of resilience and dedication aim to empower and inspire others. Join us to celebrate their journeys and find your own path forward.

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4 days ago

Thiripurasundari is  a holistic educator and counselor with 17 years of experience who has helped over 300 parents, educators, and children become self-reliant through her child-focused learning methods. After being paralyzed overnight and told she would never walk again, she defied medical expectations through mental strength and the power of the subconscious mind, now inspiring others with her story of determination and recovery.

Tuesday Jul 09, 2024

Rafia is an immigrant from Pakistan who has faced and overcome numerous challenges. As a single parent, she understands the necessity of taking care of herself before she can care for her three children, especially her youngest who has Down syndrome. Their presence in her life drives her to achieve a harmonious balance between work and home. This is Rafia's journey, her insights on self-care and her strategies for maintaining a balanced life.

Monday Jul 01, 2024

Lindsey is the founder and Head of Learning at Schoolio, where she is changing education with new and inclusive ideas. As a certified K-10 teacher, author, and homeschooling parent, she creates customized learning programs for every child and supports making education accessible and diverse. Outside of work, Lindsey coaches horseback riding and runs a hobby farm and honeybee apiary, showing her dedication and resilience in everything she does.

Friday Jun 14, 2024

Najla is a refugee from Palestine and a mother of five. Discover how she has given back to her community and supports refugees from all over the world. Plus, learn how her career as a real estate agent helps other find suitable housing. Tune in for an uplifting and empowering conversation.

Sunday Jun 02, 2024

Deirdre's story is about accepting the profound grief and trauma of losing the two most important people in her life. She has become an advocate for meningitis, the disease that took her child's life, and has created a retreat for others like herself to heal. Her journey is a powerful and inspiring example of courage and resilience.

Saturday Jun 01, 2024

Join us on this podcast as we explore the inspiring journey of Niharika Reddy, a resilient fashion designer who turned childhood adversity into creative success. From navigating loss and family challenges to founding Niharika Design Studio, Niharika's story embodies determination, empowerment, and a commitment to women's education. Discover how she transformed personal struggles into opportunities and continues to inspire others through her journey of growth and resilience.


Stories of Courageous Women

These are stories of women from different walks of life who have faced pain, struggles, and obstacles. They have found a way to rise above it all, discovered their true purpose, and now strive every day with fierce determination to achieve their goals.

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